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Florian Favre Trio / Ur Traumton

la traduction française n'est malheureusement pas disponible

This is one recording that really knocked me out and gave me a whole lot of pleasure. There's the pure eruption of clean energy from the beginning of the title piece Ur, played on prepared piano, and the power of the music was not coming from cannon like shot, but from the emotional congestion between the notes. 

Million Miles Away takes us back to the feeling of the opening, with a prepared piano intro and lurking rhythm, following the piano's counterpoint lead with shy feeling, and giving the piece an unusual tension. Favre's melody building reminds me of early Brad Mehldau, and it's fascinating to see how he has developed his own language from recent classics. Listening to his Cobble Hill makes me particularly happy because I can hear that someone is finally around who can take over what was left by Esbjorn Svensson; his achievement is now becoming a modern piano language in a natural evolutionary way, rather than simply quoted or repeated. 

Hyperactive Nocturne is a jolly and humorous track with constantly changing tempos that make it very powerful. This is a totally convincing composition, and in my opinion the best track on the recording. I can listen to it endlessly without getting bored, and the exquisite drumming of Arthur Hnatek frames it in a beautiful way. It might be only February as I write, but I reckon I already have my piano record of the year in my hands.

Greg Drygala
Hifi Critic / mar. 2016

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